Designing & Wrapping Coca-Cola’s Promotional Van

coca-cola van wrap gold coast

With the arrival of summer, Coca-Cola geared up to spread joy and refreshment with a promotional van that embodies the spirit of the season. This mobile ode to summer is brought to life through a collaboration between Coca-Cola Australia and FML Design, renowned for their creative prowess in turning ideas into captivating visual experiences.

Crafting the Vision: It all starts with a vision – Coca-Cola envisions a van that exudes energy and invites everyone to embrace the summer vibes. Collaborating closely with FML Design, this vision is refined into a tangible concept that captures the essence of Coca-Cola’s brand while celebrating the warmth and vibrancy of summer.

Designing the Dream: With the vision crystal clear, FML Design dives into the creative process. Drawing upon their expertise, they craft a design that combines bold colors, iconic imagery, and dynamic typography to create a captivating visual identity for the van. Every detail is meticulously planned to ensure that the design is both eye-catching and true to Coca-Cola’s brand identity.

Bringing it to Life: With the design finalized, FML Design sets to work on wrapping the van. Each panel is carefully adorned with Coca-Cola’s signature style, with precision and passion evident in every step of the wrapping process. The result is a promotional van that is nothing short of spectacular – a mobile embodiment of joy and refreshment ready to hit the road.

Spreading Joy on the Road: As the Coca-Cola promotional van takes to the streets, it becomes a symbol of summer fun and togetherness. From bustling city streets to tranquil seaside towns, it spreads joy and refreshment wherever it goes. Families laugh and smile as they catch a glimpse of the van, while friends gather around to share a Coke in the sunshine.

In a world where marketing campaigns come and go, the Coca-Cola promotional van stands out as a testament to the power of great design and collaboration. Thanks to the creative brilliance of FML Design and the unwavering vision of Coca-Cola, summer is sure to be filled with moments of joy, laughter, and ice-cold refreshment, all brought to life by a simple van adorned with the iconic colors of Coca-Cola. So here’s to summer, here’s to Coca-Cola, and here’s to the power of design to bring people together in the spirit of fun and refreshment.

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