2021- The Next Faze at FML DESIGN

First and foremost we would like to thank our hundreds of customers big and small that have chosen us to design, develop and modify their businesses, homes and vehicles. With the constant lock-downs and current socio-economic climate, we have looked closely at our business model and have made the move to being predominantly online. We are however, going to be fazing in partnerships with some of the worlds best installers and applicators so we can manage your project end-to-end, ensuring the amazing result you are used to seeing.

Over the past 10 years we have opened sister companies, providing different aesthetic design products on slightly different platforms. We didn’t want all the R&D to go to waste, so, we have now decided to roll these products and services into one, under the single FML Design banner. 

You may have seen some of our products and demo videos floating around online – they include:

  • Custom Vinyl Wrap Designs & Prints
  • Thermochromic (Heat Reactive) Paint
  • Photochromic (Light Reactive) Paint
  • (Ne)Fluroz (UV Reactive) Paint
  • Afta-Glo (Glow in the Dark) Paint
  • 3D Modelling & Printing
  • Custom Mural & Canvas Designs & Prints 

….and these are just the ones we have decided to re-introduce.

We have kept our social media pages alive, so join them for updates as we roll out our new products and services.

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Pinterest FML Design
Twitter FML Design
Instagram FML Design

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