E-Sports Liveries

With the growing professional gaming industry and the rise of E-Racing around the globe, we, having designed real-life liveries on some of Australia’s premier race cars as well as being avid gamers ourselves, have decided to include professional design services for e-sports liveries. At present, we are working with iRacing and Forza platforms, however, we have been dabbling in Assetto Corsa, DiRT Series and Automobilista 2.

Eventually we will be making regular custom series liveries that will be able to be downloaded (including a handful of freebies). We also will be planning on developing several training videos or vital “Do’s and Don’ts” when creating liveries.

We have a series of graphics packages that will also be available for download containing premium backgrounds, layouts, logos, and much more

Stay tuned to connect with us on iRacing or Twitch in the very near future.

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