Complete wrap on the RPM Zone FG F6 310 (which has since unfortunately been written off during a race event)
We used premium 3M 1080 Vinyl Media in Satin Black – One of the sleekest dark flat colours of the series. Full wraps typically take 4-5 business days to complete. Front and Rear bars are removed, door handles and anything obstructing the body, each item is wrapped individually, the vehicle body itself is wrapped then put back together.

3M 1080 Series Satin Black Vinyl is a dual cast film specifically designed for vehicle application to provide dimensional stability and durability without the need for an over laminate. The pressure-activated adhesive allows you to slide and reposition the film over the surface of the vehicle until you apply firm pressure. 3M 1080 is available in 1524mm widths making it possible to wrap virtually any section of a vehicle without seams. The non-visible air release channels assure a fast, easy and virtually bubble-free installation, when professionally installed. Saving valuable installation time.

3M Scotchprint Wrap Film Series 1080 S12 Satin Black Vinyl Wrapping Film is a vehicle wrapping film with a satin finish that is used for full car wraps to update your auto’s color and to protect its original paint. It can be applied to your vehicles hood, boot, roof, mirrors, door handles, glass, motorcycle parts, chrome, metal parts and just about any relatively non-porous surface.

Color: Black
Finish: Satin
SKU: S12
Film Type: Dual-Cast
Adhesive: Gray, Slideable, Repositionable Adhesive with Comply™
Recommended Uses: Full Vehicle Wraps & Graphics, Architectural Signage, Buses, Cars & Vans, Mirrors, Bumpers, Hoods, Roofs, Vehicle lettering, Watercraft, Decals & Stripes, Accents & Trim, Electronics, Skins & More
Conformability: Flat, simple and moderate compound curves, convex and concave surfaces
Thickness: 3.5 mil
Durability: Up to 7 years
Removable: Up to 3 years

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