Prepare To Be Dazzled!


Find Out How

The Mirror Image

Mirror reflective brilliance in a range of spectacular colours designed to not only turn heads, but snap necks!

Unique Finish

How many chrome cars have you seen today?...Exactly, it is doubtful you will find another vehicle the same as yours.

Printable Surface

Turn the white or transparent space on an image to chrome and the inks will retain reflective properties also.

Only The Best

We use ONLY 3M, Avery & Hexis branded chrome vinyl media to ensure an exceptional mirror reflective finish on your vehicle!

Shimmering Brilliance Under Any Light!


These vinyl conform chrome and coloured chrome films are as “out there” as it gets! and simply stunning in real life. Create a pristine glamourous finish for your vehicle with the unique mirror chrome or coloured chrome media. We have a range of colours available straight off the roll, or you can create your own chrome colour by choosing a translucent colour to laminate over the silver chrome to produce a one-off custom coloured chrome.

We predominantly use Avery branded chrome vinyl films for most chrome installations, with off the roll colours including Red, Gold, Blue, Silver and Black, we can laminate a protective clear layer over these films and get your vehicle covered in its shiny awesomeness.

Custom chrome vinyl wraps will make your vehicle stand out in style, ensuring the maximum “wow factor” wherever you go. All colours available are highly reflective so you will need to keep in mind that this could be quite distracting to other drivers. We get asked quite alot whether Chrome vinyl wraps are illegal, and the short answer is “No”, not in QLD – other states have however, made it an offence to cover your vehicle in these highly reflective chrome films, so check with your local department of roads to familiarise yourself with your local road laws.

We aim to bring the newest technologies in the vinyl industry to your doorstep, so if you have any questions about the pros/cons of having conformable reflective chrome installed on your vehicle, feel free to fire them through by email